Performance/ Installation / Concert Film
In collaboration with Hans Beckers, Clangdelum Cinematographica takes you on an associative trip from Indonesia to Charlerloi. From a volcano, between swirling geysers, a hectic subway station or inside the mechanics of a steam engine, the audience got immersed in a sound bath … With sound and image recordings of haunting places, Hans shows the musicality and poetry of the everyday in a audiovisual triptych. This performance is a ‘concert film’ and an installation. Expect a fascinating interplay of image, sound and live performance which slowly but surely suckles into your own musical and visual universe.

Big Bang festival BOZAR: 11/15 Brussels B
Musica Estranha Exploratory Music Festival: 27/11 Sao Paulo, Br
Theater Aan Zee: 05/08 – 09/08, Ostend B
De Pianofabriek: 12/06, 26/06, Brussels B