Jimmy enrolled at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Ghent (Belgium), to study 3d Multimedia, a field of study covering mixed media arts, experimental film and performance art.  The training would mark Jimmy’s work in his constant exploration for intermediary boundaries. An investigation that is often dealt with literally in his projects. This all might being expressed in photography, films, installations and performances, albeit the performative level often lies in the approach to his subjects. The documentation of the process plays an important role in registering reality within the fantastic framework of the art piece.

As a subject, Jimmy reflects on themes such as ecology, culture and politics, often through the eyes of youth and the oppressed. This is expressed in colorful portraits and stories of human characters. Here too, Jimmy’s performative role comes to the fore. Where he often connects with these characters, and makes medium functioning as a revealer of psychological, social and anthropological contents.

Untill 2013 he taught film Studies and Mixed Media workshops at the Ghent Academy of Fine arts while being a guest lecturer at local university colleges in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong. He is also co-founder of the mixed media platform Port Actif, which led to numerous exhibitions and art-events in Europa, Asia and the USA. His experimental films and documentaries have been selected and awarded at international film festivals.



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