Europalia, Ancestors and Rituals BOZAR / Belgium 2017


Cannes Short Film Corner 2013/ France

Hors Piste Tokyo, Centre Georges Pompidou 2013
Berlin International Short Film Festival 2013/ Germany
Tabor Film Festival 2013/ Croatia
International Documentary Film Festival of Mexico City 2013
West Virginia Short Film Festival 2013/ US

9th Cologne International Videoart Festival 2013/ Germany
Experiments In Cinema 2013/ New Mexico US
Salón Internacional de La Luz 2013/ Colombia
International Debut Festival 2013 St.Petersburg/ Russia
Sydney Experimental Filmfestival/ Australia
Cairo Video Festival 2013/ Egypt
Kuala Lumpur Eco Filmfestival 2013/ Malaysia
CinemAmbiente Environmental Film Festival 2013 / Turin Italy
CinemadaMare 2013/ San Benedetto Italy
Religion Today 2013 Trento/ Italy
Golden Orchid International Animation Festival/ Pennsylvania US
KLEX Experimental Filmfestival/ Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
XIII Feria Internacional del Libro en el Zócalo/ Mexico
Ecozine/ Spain
Think Forward Film festival/ Italy
Jewish Film Festival Jerusalem/ Israel
Deboshir Filmfest/ Russia



SEMALU  (20 min)

SPECIAL MENTION – FISDN Saarbrücken 2014/ Germany

The portrait like calmness of Semalu is drifting between the anonymity of the lost promise of the capital city and the proximity of the children between themselves.

NIGHT AWARD –  12th Festival Signes de Nuit 2014/ Paris

The Night Award honors films, which are able to balance ambiguity and complexity characterized by enigmatic mysteriousness and subtleness, which keeps mind and consideration moving.

  1. For its powerfully poetic depiction of a lost childhood in a huge, artificial and dehumanized structure of cement and mud. In this monstrous architecture that devours dreams, the director captures and constructs haunting images of a decayed future.

GOLDEN LADYBUG AWARD – Sremfilmfest 2014, Sremska Mitrovica/ Serbia

BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM AWARD – Tabor Film Festival 2013/ Croatia

BEST OF SHOW AWARD – West Virginia Short Film Festival 2013/ USA 



EUROPALIA Ancestors & Rituals @ BOZAR, Centre for Fine Arts – Brussels / Belgium 2017

Inspirerend Indonesië @ ZEBRASTRAAT – Ghent Belgium 2017

Natural Capital @ BOZAR, Centre for Fine Arts  Brussels / Belgium 2017

VIDEO ART SUPER DISCOUNT @ Brugge – Mediafestival / Belgium 2013

VIDEOTECTURE @ l’apostrophe Gallery – Broadway NY/ USA 2013

 Hypermedia @ JAM – Bangkok/ Thailand 2013

The Reconstruction of Cinema @ Staffordshire University – UK 2013

EXP DOC @ Millenium Workshop – NY/ USA 2013

Videoperformance RIPOFF @ OFFoff Art Cinema  Ghent/ B 2013

VIDEO ART ATTACK! @ Campo Victoria – Ghent /B 2013

The Reconstruction of Cinema @ VIDEOTAGE  Hong Kong 2012

Sounds & Video experiments @ STRAIT RECORDS  Singapore 2012

The Reconstruction of Cinema @ Gallery VER – Bangkok/ Thailand 2012

Sounds & Video experiments @ CAMA ATK HUE/ Vietnam 2012

The Reconstruction of Documentary @ Kadai Tikini – Jakarta/ Indonesia 2012

Videosampling @ KATARA ART CENTER  Doha/ Quatar 2012