LAMUNAN oi! – 2018 (In Production) 
– 65min, docufiction –

An ecological docu about punk stigma in
Indonesia. We follow the story of Eka, a street punk who is
banned from home by his military stepfather. Eka
believes if he finds success in life, he can come home
again. Through acting in this film, together with his
friends Edo, and Kempot, Eka finds
self-empowerment, making a spiritual connection with
the tribes of Indonesia, and confronting his father on
stage… but the reality of street punks does not
change so easily, and the tribes face their own demons.

– 24min, docu –

A travel doc on a remote area in West Papua.
Under the guise of being a cousin of Petrus
Vertenten, a historic priest who saved the Kaja Kaja
tribe from a venereal disease, director Jimmy
Hendrickx returns to the village of Bibikem where he
filmed rituals five years ago… But the chieftain Leo,
whom Jimmy admired for upholding the culture of his
people, seems to have changed, and the Kaja Kaja
are in decline.

SEMALU – 2013 
– 24 min, docufiction –

A portrait of the abandoned children of Cheras, who live in a suburb in Kuala Lumpur. Their ancestors came to Cheras to build a new future 30 years ago when the place was still jungle and swamp. Now it’s an urban landscape and the children live amidst a concrete playground.

MEMORIES FOR THE FUTURE – 2018 (in production)
– 50 min, Docu –

A family portrait of middle class survival in
Indonesia. The father is an artist who makes money from tours
of the slums for wealthy westerners. He shelters the
misfortunate in his home like a modern day robin
hood. But he also a gullible dreamer with too many
projects. Financially troubled, his house is being
wagered in a court case against the bank, when a
scrupulous businessman stole the loan money on his
house on a past project.


SPAGHETTI – 2018 (post-production)
-50 min – Mid Lenght Feature


FAR WEST – 2014
– 24min, Found Footage Experimental film –

Far West is a journey through the vast landscapes of
North America. From Death Valley, through
the canyons strait to the Rocky Mountains we end up
in a series of mysterious western scenes. Cowboys
and Indians silently wait their fate. While the actors of this film
barely carry out their personality, nature itself seems to
become the leading character of this movie.
Energetic landscapes en cowboys without words are
driven to a climax.